linnea (all caps but I'm trying to be consistent with the lowercase aesthetic of this website) had moved around the time I first reached out to her, so we had to wait a bit until 04/23/24 for us to add her face and guitars into this archive. I've no regrets. a fresh start somewhere new is always needed, out with whatever gets left in the gutters and proper time to set-up whatever new aesthetics one will embrace for however long the lease runs. before I got into photography I'd almost done a reset myself, quit my job to ditch los angeles for portland—the patagonia duffel I wanted to pack my life into was too expensive so I opted to stay. if I'm running away, I want a little luxury y'know?
maybe someday I'll impulsively quit photography and get to making music like linnea (all caps). during an outfit change she mentioned wanting to get back into the studio to record new songs. I didn't think much of it for about five seconds when I realized and blurted "wait didn't you just release an ep a couple months ago?" she did. there was an even a release show that coincided with her birthday. there really is no concept of a break when you're an artist.
we made a spotify blend. about a 94% taste match. the metrics are all bullshit of course. the playlist that was auto-generated? pretty decent though. this song "dylan thomas" by better oblivion community center came on, I could hear linnea (all caps) in her closet humming along. I thought it was sweet. I'd listen to it more of our stellar blend but I'm on a chappell roan kick right now. did you know that roan's "good luck babe" has a part that's very similar to the proclaimer's "i'm gonna be (500 miles)"?  
there's charm in every spot of linnea's (all caps except the possessive apostrophe 's') home. an abode fitting of a fb marketplace connoisseur. the couch? marketplace. the tables? marketplace. the lipstick mirror? marketplace. there's no doubt in my mind that if linnea (all caps) was ever found at a thrift store that she's already found the good shit and you should just leave, truthfully. just go away, it's over for you. the only thing left will be crocs that are finally out of style now that internet-based irony has died (deservedly so). 
what won't be out of style, never, is a young artist making their moves in the city. working whatever normal job while they fund their projects—something that someone else can resonate with. whether it'd be a friend who got to hear the first demos or strangers across the ponds. there's something noble about art. I'm looking forward to seeing where linnea (all caps) takes it. maybe someone'll be humming her music in their own closet.

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