the first time I met morgen was when I photographed kyla on 03/03/24 where we all partook on some naan with various dipping sauces during a brief intermission. we planted the seeds for a future shoot (when would eventually be on 04/19/24) however morgen was readying to depart the next day to some musician's retreat somewhere deep east. 
morgen does seem to be going everywhere. it's non-stop. to the east, to the west, down in los angeles for a single day, a stint in arizona, yadda yadda yadda. they're in tennessee as I write this.
my trips consist of me being in an unfamiliar part of town. when I'm catsitting, in an unfamiliar box. with unfamiliar photos. a life that isn't mine. none of it is mine, wherever I go. there's no home for me. I question who I am all the time. I forget I have family.
I hope morgen always has a reminder of who they are no matter which strange town they find themselves in.
I picked up some jack in the box that day. they have great egg rolls. keep in mind, I have low standards for food so don't take any of my words as michelin recommendations. I brought morgen a coffee and croissant. through the shoot I kept looking at the coffee. seeing it slowly go down in volume. I don't know why I stare at things, I think it's a coping mechanism for when I feel a little awkward or anxious—all the time really.
we started a spotify blend about halfway through. I got tired of the back to back r&b playlist that was on. I have no hate for the genre and its offshoots, but an endless stream makes me want to shoot myself. I get sick of repetition.
I secretly wanted to plug in my ipod to the speakers but they were hooked up to morgen's laptop through a controller plugged in via usb-c. I had been on an american kick and desperately wanted to listen to the black keys' "gotta get away" on full blast. 
there's a lot of things happening—in our individual lives. we are made up of infinite aspects, we have the capability of creating infinity. let it run wild or control it a specific direction. morgen's room is full of colorful tapestry. graffitied curtains and canvases. stuffed animals that can't sit on their own. I don't even wanna go down the list, it's too much. but it's just the smaller pieces of a bigger one. and that bigger one is just another smaller one of an even bigger one. and all those different sized infinities add up to make just a part of morgen who themselves are just a piece of everything we know.
we will never be whole. we all add up to something beautiful far beyond us.

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