the first time I had met kia was on 3/03/24 as I was leaving the photoshoot with kyla. the second time I had seen kia was on 4/19/24 when I stopped by for the session with morgen. I just kept finding myself back in that house full of such amazingly talented and wholesome creatives. kia and I were bound to have our own moment—we did. 5/12/24, a sunday.
I hadn't been home in a few days. friday (5/10/24) I had packed my backpack with all my camera equipment + a change of clothes and toiletries. taylor and I were going to the dreamcar concert at the el rey theatre. I showered and crashed at their place then when I woke up I met up with ashley to head up to cruel world (5/11/24) where I was too broke to do anything besides sit down in the shade and have the occasional view of an elder completely avoiding the notes they used to hit. I couldn't stay with ashley so I had to drum up favors and stay with close friends where I showered, changed into the less-sweaty of the clothes I had on me then woke up and trekked back to the house I unintentionally  made monthly appointments to.

kia's room is hidden behind a bookshelf, that she built herself. a properly big shelf. that she made! inside there's a workshop area where she crafts up whatever it is she's in the mood for or has been commissioned to create. the other half of the room is a raised platform for her bed with stairs that go up to it, all built herself. i told her she should tiktok the things she's making. become a little internet personality for all the crafty folks who kinda miss those quarantine projects when they weren't rotting in bed playing animal crossing: new horizons. I think the gays would love it. they've needed a new person to die for after the bon appétit test kitchen fiasco and claire being one of the people leaving through the fallout. #iwdfkftahwjpa (i would die for kia from the at home with jon photo archive).
after we shot in her room, we actually went out into the living room. it's difficult to believe that the last couple of times I had been in the house I hadn't once take any pictures there. and oh my god, I'm glad we did. I love a good red rug. I love some good curved furniture. I love quirky little lamps and ceiling lights just dim enough to not make a difference in luminance. 
it was such a nice time. I pounded so many sugar cookies kia had offered me in between outfit changes. if I find myself never going back to the house that might be slightly collapsing on its side, I'm fond with what I experienced. three insanely amazing spirits I'm fortunate to have spent time with, an actual spirit I'm fortunate to have not met, a cute as hell cat that would look at me and walk away, and photos to remember it by.

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