I first met jhanelle last december, a christmas party at noelle's cousin aria's apartment. 12/16/23. she had accompanied another friend of mine, avery pohl. we had talked about what we were doing, a sort of routine we as people do at any party. a subtle networking, never revealing too much as to not seem like we're trying to hard. we're all guilty. we all like to feel a little important regardless of what we do. I printed out expensive fucking business cards for crying out loud. my (gorgeously self-designed) butterfly monogram on paper too thick to fit in a normal business card sleeve of a wallet. I'm trying hard to an embarrassing extent.
these photos were taken 1/7/24
in the office, because in the end you can never get away from what gives you your livelihood, there's a shelf. on that shelf there was a polaroid, with a  red border (I think it was red—I'm colorblind), of jhanelle and avery at the christmas party. all smiles. captured forever, until the emulsion decays. 
I love handing out polaroids. people hugging. kissing. laughing. fucking (not yet in my experiences but there's always a first time for everything for the freaks out there). let them relive their experiences, my joy was in documenting them.
this session was a reminder to me about how great parties are. they're fucking awesome. the new faces you meet, the familiar ones you've longed to gaze at once again. I don't go to many anymore, but if the recent memories are to go by, then it's gonna be a decent time.

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